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buy Pure Water Treatment System
Precision filter (also known as the security filter), cylinder shell generally adopt stainless steel material manufacturing, internal use PP melt-blown, burn, folding line, titanium filter, activated carbon filter, such as tubular filter as the filter element, depending on the filter medium and choose different filter elements, design process to meet the requirements of the quality of the output water.
It is used for solid/liquid separation of various suspensions with high environmental requirements and high filtration accuracy. It is widely applicable to medicine, food, chemical industry, environmental protection, water treatment and other industrial fields.
Construction features
All kinds of coating equipment top cotton filter, frame filter, bag filter, suitable for fine chemical, oil, food and medicine, water treatment and other occasions.
Performance features
(1) high filtering accuracy and uniform filter core aperture
(2) low filtration resistance, large flux, strong pollution cutting ability and long service life.
(3) high purity of filter element material, no pollution to the filter medium.
(4) acid, alkali and other chemical solvents.
(5) high strength, high temperature resistance, and the filter element is not easy to deform.
(6) low price, low operating cost, easy to clean, the filter element can be replaced.
It is used for solid or liquid separation of various suspensions with high environmental requirements and high filtration accuracy. It is widely applicable to medicine, food, chemical industry, environmental protection, water treatment and other industrial fields.
Tank material can be divided into glass steel tank, carbon steel tank, stainless steel tank, can also be made according to user requirements.
Basic parameters
1: filtration volume T/H:0.05-20
2. Pressure of the filter :0.1-0.6 mpa
3: number of filter cores :1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15 etc.
4: filter using ° C temperature: 5-55
Characteristics of various filter elements and application of PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) filter element, adit (HE) filter element, polypropylene (PP) filter element, cellulose acetate (cn-ca) filter element,
The filtration accuracy ranges from 0.1-60um with a length of 10;20;30 and 40 inches.
The above filter element has a pressure resistance of 0.42mpa and can be recoiled.
The interface mode has the insertion type (222, 226 seat two kinds) and the peace mouth type two kinds
This machine has the advantages of small size, light weight, convenient operation, large filtration area, low clogging rate, fast filtration speed, no pollution, good thermal thin stability and chemical stability.
This filter can remove most of the particles, so it is widely used in fine filtration and sterilization process.
Filter aperture :0.1um, 0.22um, 1um, 3um, 5um, 10um, etc
Also divided into hydrophobic (applicable to gas) and hydrophilic (applicable to day liquid) filter element, according to the need to choose.
Precision filters mainly include A PE microporous precision filter, titanium bar filter, polyether sulfone filter, polytetrafluoroethylene filter, microporous membrane cartridge filter.
1.Manner housing: stainless steel or PP
2. Filter element material :B, C series environmental protection special fiber, non-woven fabric;
D series,
1. The core part of the precision filter is the filter element, which belongs to the easily damaged part and needs special protection.
2, precision filter work for a long time, will intercept a certain amount of impurities, this will reduce the work rate, so often to clean, at the same time to clean the filter element.
3. In the cleaning process, special attention should be paid to the cleaning of the filter element. Do not deform or damage the filter element, otherwise the filter precision will be reduced and the filter element will not meet the production requirements.
4. If the filter element is found to be deformed or damaged, it must be replaced immediately.
5. Some precision filter elements cannot be used repeatedly,such as bag filter elements and polypropylene filter elements;
General principle
1. Inlet and outlet diameter
In principle, the inlet and outlet diameter of the filter shall not be less than the inlet diameter of the matching pump, generally the same as the inlet pipe diameter.
2. Nominal pressure
Determine the pressure level of the filter according to the highest pressure that may appear in the filter line.
3. Selection of mesh number
The diameter of impurities to be intercepted is mainly considered and determined according to the process requirements of medium flow.
Screen canintercept various specifications of particle size size check the table below "filter specifications."
4. Filter material
The material of filter chooses the craft conduit material that joins with place to pledge commonly is same, to different service condition can consider choice cast iron, carbon steel, low alloy steel or stainless steel is qualitative filter.
5, filter resistance loss calculation
For water filters, the pressure loss is 0.52~1.2kpa at the rated flow rate in general calculation
1. The filter is configured according to the principle of "first rough, then fine", and the order cannot be reversed.
2. The actual flow rate, pressure and temperature of compressed air through the filter shall not exceed the specified value of the nameplate.
3. Attention must be paid to distinguish the inlet and outlet positions of the filter when installing.
4. The filters are installed vertically.Leave a certain height from the ground, easy to replace the filter element.
5. The filter element shall be replaced under any of the following circumstances:
A. the effect of filter is obviously deteriorated;
B. The differential pressure represents a value exceeding 0.07MPa; (note: initial pressure drop of filter element < 0.015mpa);
C. Duration of use: 8000h for FC, FT and FA and 2000h for FH;
6. For the filter without automatic drainage device, the ball valve shall be opened regularly to remove water in the filter shell.Usually no less than 1-2 times per shift;
7. The filter inlet temperature does not exceed 66 &#8451;;
8. If the working pressure is lower than the standard value (0.7mpa), the actual processing capacity of the filter is modified according to the following table:
Inlet pressure MPa0.150.350.
Factor0.250.50.751.01.241.43buy Pure Water Treatment System

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