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Plough Shear Mixer manufacturers
PerMix means Perfect Mixing Technologies!
Based in Shanghai China, PerMix is a Chinese-Israeli cooperative venture that is established to be a professional manufacturer of industrial mixers and other processing equipment. One of the co-founders of PerMix is originally from Srugo Machines Engineering based in Israel, who was active in the market of mixing & processing equipment as one of the leading names since 1954. PerMix from its foundation has the natural advantage over other competitors of 60 years of Designed-in-Israel know-how along with competitive Made-in-China prices.

Among our wide product range, PerMix is not only able to offer the single industrial mixers with state-of-art manufacturing capability, lifetime reliability and modern appearance, but also to provide mixing and processing full-line to save your time, which is one of our strong points. With our engineers&#37413;?decades of experience in this area, PerMix is capable to supply the most suitable solution for any industry that has a demand for mixing & processing.

From its birth, PerMix is designed to act as a western company and aims all attention to the western market. Our machines are built according to the original "Srugo" design in Israel to meet the European quality standard (at much lower price though) and in a western appearance. Our quality/price ratio is one of the best in the market, and that is why we are able to work with many well-known European / USA companies as their supplier and/or subcontractor over the years.

PerMix has now a vast agent/partner network in USA, Germany, Netherlands, UK, France, Denmark, Belgium, Spain, Poland, Czech, and we are having more.

PerMix designs our equipment according to the specific requirements of our customers. PerMix engineers evaluate the customer's mixing and processing problems in order to translate process parameters into soundly engineered and dependable mechanical equipment. PerMix welcomes the opportunity to discuss specific requirements or problems and invites customers to compare and determine for themselves which equipment is best suited for their needs.

PerMix industrial mixers are widely used to serve a variety of industries such as food, beverage, confections, flavorings, seasonings, spices, mayonnaise, nutrition food, animal feed, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, painting, ink, agriculture, biology, nano materials, paper, adhesive, plastic, waste treatment, building materials, etc.Plough Shear Mixer manufacturers

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