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China Hygrometers
Dongguan ETAN Pet Supplies Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the design, manufacturing and selling of reptile equipment based on a creative R&D team, quality product manufacturing and strict quality control systems. The ETAN manufacturing plant is 10,000 m2 /100,000 sq. feet with multiple production lines producing a complete line of reptile care products. The company has business partners in over 20 countries and around the globe. Beginning in 2018, the company has successfully applied for and received 19 patents for unique reptile products.

ETAN has realized a new business model utilizing a combination of online as well as &#37413;&#28162;rick and mortar with delivery from three warehouses (Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou)! In addition, the company has established a professional exhibition rooms for reptiles displayed in ecologically correct environment. This exhibition room utilizes all REPTI ZOO and WACOOL products and a dedicated team of reptile care specialist to thoroughly access all products. This commitment to providing quality products to the customers at home, in the retail stores and through our distribution partners ensure availability of the REPTI ZOO and WACOOL brands.

Through a decade of continuous innovations and dedicated employees, ETAN has grown into an Internationally known industry leader. With the support of our world-wide partners, contributing professional owners and International market guidance, ETAN has successfully developed two brands under the names, REPTI- ZOO and WACOOL. These brands encompass ETAN&#37413;&#27290; commitment to outstanding quality, excellent service and product quality to create the perfect experience of every product.

ETAN has always been focused on the relentless pursuit of superior quality. The commitment to excellence in manufacturing, management systems and also a strict quality assurance systems has contributed the growth and reputation of the REPTI- ZOO and WACOOL brands.

Our goal: Build upon our long-term cooperation and &#37413;&#28200;in-win&#37413;?relationship with our customers to guarantee the high quality of our products, constant improvement to innovative service to build the leading brand of Internationally recognized reptile care equipment manufactured in China.

At ETAN we insist on: The principles of "Quality First, Sincere Cooperation, Reciprocity, Mutual Benefit and Forging Ahead".

At ETAN we firmly believe : Based on our principles, our quality pet products and or company culture that we have become part the global reptile pet market.

Company Development Process
In Oct. 2006, the company's leaders decided to set foot in reptile industry.

In Mar. 2007, Dongguan ETAN Industrial & Investment Co., Ltd. was established. It is dedicated to building a specialized domestic and foreign reptile supplies producer integrating R&D, manufacturing and sales.

In May 2008, an proprietary brand REPTI-ZOO was registered.

In Nov., the company attended China International Pet Show CIPS, where REPTI-ZOO products' design and quality was approved by the reptile pet industry at home and abroad.

In Aug. 2009, the company applied for and passed two platinum grade patents, which are the knock-down terrariums and lighting hood.

The reptile terrariums with knock-down structure and the multi-functional lighting hood are unanimously appraised by customers from all over the world.

In May 2010, the company attended Germany pet show Inter Zoo.

In Mar. 2011, the company attended American pet show APPA.

In Jul., the company applied for and was successfully granted the patent of a temperature and humidity controller.

In Feb. 2012, the company registered a new brand - WACOOL, dedicated to building a high-end proprietary brand image of the reptile industry.

In Mar., two patents for reptile terrariums were successfully granted.

In Oct. 2013, seven patents for reptile supplies were successfully granted.

In Dec., REPTI-ZOO developed into a renowned brand of the domestic reptile pet industry, leading the tide of the industry.

In Mar. 2014, the US market was successfully explored. Until then, the company's customer was expanded to more than 20 countries and districts in the world.

In Nov., the company was renamed to Dongguan ETAN Pet Supplies Co., Ltd., and resettled in a new plant of 10,000 m&#34383;, where more efficient and professional production lines were established.

In Sep. 2015, three patents for reptile supplies were successfully granted.

From 2011 to 2015, the company participated in the most influential China International Pet Aquarium Supplies (CIPS) annually, which attracted massive visiting customers and a large base of audience to the exhibition booth.

In Jan. 2016, Tmall flagship store was launched; meantime, Beijing-Shanghai-Guangzhou three-warehouse 4000m&#34383; was established, thereby the company virtually realized a new-type business pattern of on-line and off-line integration and Beijing-Shanghai-Guangzhou three-warehouse delivery.

In Mar., the company purchased a land parcel of 60000 m&#34383; in Boluo District, Huizhou City, used for the planned establishment of Yitian Ecological Industry Park before 2025.

In May, the company entered into a strategic partnership with New Pet (Shanghai) Supplies Co., Ltd., to jointly explore new trends of the pet industry.

In Sep., REPTI-ZOO brand VI promotion scheme was dedicated to building a perfect one-stop reptile pet equipment brand and leading Chinese reptile pet market.

Until Mar. 2018, ETAN has held 19 patents in reptile supplies, and is currently applying for additional 8 patents in reptile supplies. In

In June.2017. we applied for a variety of reptile farms to study reptile living habits and feeding details, which is helpful for us to design and develop practical products for reptiles accurately and effectively.

In November. we participated and exhibited Repti-zoo new elements of 2018 at the International Exhibition (CIPS) in Shanghai,China .

In May.2018. we participate the International Exhibition (Inter zoo) in Germany. After the exhibition, we visit our business partners who are in Germany, Czech, Poland, Russia and other countries, which provide a chance to communicate and share experience with each other face to face.

In September. we participate the International Exhibition (CIPS) in Guangzhou, China.(13.2 Hall. No.A74)

Ten Years History
When domestic breeding of reptile became widespread in 2006, a reptile industry quietly emerged in China. Upon the introduction of foreign manufactured reptile care supplies into China, the Chinese consumers realized the importance of professional care and breeding equipment for the very first time. This realization marked the beginning of the development path for the creation of the ETAN Reptile Supply Company in the Chinese reptile pet industry.

During the decade of prosperity in the reptile industry, ETAN emerged onto the market utilizing the 19 reptile product patents. ETAN has endeavored to promote the development of the Chinese reptile supply industry with a persistent commitment to R&D. ETAN has insisted on &#37413;&#28171;nnovation, diversity and the highest quality products&#37413;?to provide reptile breeders in not only China but the entire world with professional, premium quality and practical reptile care products as a leading enterprise in the burgeoning Chinese reptile pet supplies industry.

ETAN has also spread the idea of scientific breeding of pets to encourage the enjoyment and professionalism of propagating pet reptiles through shared knowledge. This knowledge will help Chinese reptile pet owners to successfully breed pets utilizing the scientific knowledge and to feed them in a healthy manner so they live longer and better lives. In this way the pet owner can enjoy the reptile keeping hobby more through better care, healthier pets and the beautiful display of impressive reptiles.

Now we are in the golden age of China&#37413;&#27290; pet industry and ETAN, as an industry leader in the reptile supply market, wishes to enable our partners from other reptile business platforms to participate in the continued reptile pet industry development. We wish to work together to build successful industrial ecosystems that can provide a domestically produced reptiles to supply captive breed pets and have an influence in the global pet market. China Hygrometers

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